The Context

The Kalahari Desert Festival is a product of the South African San Institute (SASI), which is one of the members of a bigger Family. Therefore the Kalahari Desert Festival (KDF) is a project done within the context of the San family of organizations based in Southern Africa.


The family consists of:

*CPA = Communal Property Association

Each organisation has a role within the family:


San Council:






CPA’s: Management of all the assets that belong to the communities - !Xhun & Khwe and Khomani groupings in the South African San landscape.


All the above work together in close collaboration. Different projects are shared between the organisations, ensuring efficient execution in successful development and empowerment of community based outcomes.


For more interesting information, please visit the following:

Voices of the SAN:

SKA Radio Telescope: Refer to pages 91-93 of the newsletter.

The Kalahari Desert Festival 2019 is proudly made possible by: