Welcome to the Kalahari Desert Festival!

The festival is hosted by the people of the Kalahari and beyond, and organised in a joint venture with the South African San Institute (SASI).


In recent years, the cultural heritage of indigenous people became a global issue as their unique cultures are facing extinction worldwide. In Southern Africa, the San used to practice a hunter-gatherer lifestyle for millennia, speaking unique click-languages and possessing remarkable survival knowledge about the fauna and flora of their regions. 


The Festival’s aim is to promote cultural exchange through music, dance, drama, poetry, storytelling, art, craft and film to restore pride in these ancient traditions. In 2018, we invited other indigenous communities and we were honoured to host groups and representatives from India and Australia at the KDF. (Read more about our story here.) 


In 2019, we decided to give the children a special focus. Their involvement is crucial to celebrate, preserve and revive their ancient culture. We would like them to explore their roots and make them proud future ambassadors of their culture. Our exciting programme will, therefore, include workshops about their unique San click-languages and cultural preservation. 


Thanks for joining us to make the 2019 Festival an unforgettable experience to our indigenous communities and their children. We are looking forward to welcome you at the Kalahari Desert Festival in 2020!

The Kalahari Desert Festival 2019 is proudly made possible by: